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About Way of Life Photography, LLC

Behind the Lens

Way of Life Photography, LLC is a portrait and lifestyle photography business in Larwill, IN. Founded in 2023, Way of Life Photography, LLC is a labor of love by photopreneur Jess Hull. Raised in Texas, Jess transplanted to northern Indiana in 2014 upon completing her bachelor's from The University of Texas at Dallas.  Shortly after relocating, she met the love of her life, Ty. Together, they have three children and two feline companions.  She enjoys learning, knitting, and spending time with friends and family.

Jess has seven years of formal education in film and digital photography. She has experience rolling and developing film, creating prints in the darkroom, capturing and retouching digital images, and printing and mounting digital photographs.  She has participated in photography contests and has been sought after by friends and family to capture events and portraits.  She has done landscape, product, portrait, pet, and architecture photography and thoroughly enjoys it all.  She enjoys working with people and animals and capturing them in their element.  After some encouragement from her loved ones, Jess has decided to share her talents with a larger audience.

Jess places an equal focus on the overall experience her clients have and on creating the perfect photo. She does this to ensure her client’s needs are entirely met, and her clients are at ease during sessions while producing pictures of the highest artistic quality.

Way of Life Photography, LLC offers custom-made, artistic photographic solutions to Whitley, Kosciusko, Allen, and the surrounding counties. 

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